Restaurant cashier job description

Free Restaurant cashier job description sample

A job description of Restaurant cashier includes key duties/responsibilities as follows:

1. Being responsible for counting the money for one shift and delivering the amount before the next shift;

2. Greeting guests coming to the restaurant;

3. Receiving and handling complaints from the guests and guiding to the restaurant manager if the problem is beyond the scope of duties;

4. Presenting the menu with price for food and beverage items near the counter table for guests to know;

5. Entering the details of bills, total payment amount, payment in cash or by check and other details in the cash register display in the computer;

6. Offering some small items such as dessert, chocolate or gift package at the counter table and encourage the guests to buy;

7. Informing the guests of the payment methods accepted by the restaurant (in cash or by check…) and handling their payment;

8. Packing up gifts, boxes, food & beverage as per order of the guests for them to take home;

9. Answering customers’ inquiries about various things in relation to the restaurant such as security, fee, packing lot, etc.;

10. Supervising the stock level and recording the change every shift; making payment to restaurant employees as per order of the manager;

11. Taking responsibility for the amount of money at the counter table; only leaving the table upon recording and delivering the task to the next shift or with the manager’s approval;

12. Being good and sincere in working with money, and good at calculating.

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